Winslow Colwell
I have always loved the beauty of the sky. It's ever-changing and ever-evolving over the course of a day or season. I became a licensed glider pilot when I was 16 so I could be closer to the clouds, and have often turned to the sky for inspiration and solace.
I became interested in kites in 1981 when I got a job selling silk and bamboo Chinese kites from a pushcart in Boston's Faneuil Hall Marketplace. In the 12 years that followed I made thousands of flyable kites that I sold at my studio in Vermont, at craft fairs, and wholesale through kite shops across the country. Now I'm focused on creating art pieces that fly only in your imagination, guaranteed to never get caught in a tree or be lost to a broken string!
In the course of my career my kites have been exhibited in galleries in Boston and New York and have won awards in this country as well as at the Weifang Kite Festival in Weifang, China.
I also make folded paper lanterns that can serve as accents in your home or be a unique night-light. They use LED bulbs, either battery-powered or corded, that are safe and energy-efficient. I'm excited about all the possibilities of these magical light-sources!
This site is dedicated to the extraordinary artist Tal Streeter (1934-2014). His book, The Art of the Japanese Kite, inspired me and thousands of others to look at the sky in a new way.